Natural is definitely best

IMG_3733.JPGWhen my latest product arrived to test – a deodorant suitable for vegans – I nearly sent it back. The deodorant ‘stick’ was hard and dry – not the usual soft block I would expect from this type of deodorant. Reaching for the glasses (curses to old age) I read the back and realised there was clearly more to this than met the eye.

Native Unearthed is quite special. It’s base ingredient is volcanic crystal – something, which has been used for centuries by ancient civilisations as an effective deodorant. There are four deodorants to choose from – I selected one, which is combined with aloe juice, to test.

To activate the crystals you simply moisten the tip of the deodorant or apply to wet skin – perfect for coming out of the shower. There’s no perfume, no gimmicks, this product is pure and the company behind it have very strong ethical beliefs. Their website is 100% wind powered – the servers, the offices and data centres.

For me the ultimate test for a deodorant is a weekend full on gym session. I climbed onto my favourite machine – it’s like a cross trainer but better, allows me to run against resistance while providing a cushion for my damaged knees. I can burn over 600 calories an hour on this. And that’s what I did. Next up I moved to 30 minutes of weights. I was definitely pushing myself but that’s what weekends are for aren’t they? Well they are when I can’t get out on the bike and need to burn calories from all the recipe taste testing.

I was very sceptical before I tried this however the Native Unearthed deodorant is amazing. There was no sticky residue left on my skin or clothes, no strong perfume smell, just clean dry armpits after 90 minutes in a hot, sweaty gym.

Native unearthed is an ethical company with strong moral values, which are reflected in their products. Their deodorants are simple and natural but very effective and more importantly cruelty free.

To find out more and to buy your own natural deodorant visit their website and online shop.

Polite note

This review has been organised by the Vegan Lifestyle Association (VLA). It has not been paid for and the products were free of charge. This is my genuine and unbiased review of the product.

Native Unearthed is listed with the VLA and offers associates a 10% discount, which you can take advantage of here.




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