Get the taste buds singing with Flavour Fusion

IMG_6369Finding a vegan alternative to parmesan can be hard unless you want to make your own. If like me you are the only person in the household who can’t eat regular parmesan, then making your own isn’t really an option. So being given the chance to review not one but three alternatives – well how could I refuse?

The product or rather products – Flavour Fusion – are from compassionate company Good Carma. And that craving I’d had for vegan spaghetti bolognese, well it was about to be put firmly to the test.

So this alternative is dairy free, it’s also free from wheat and gluten, is an ambient product and has a shelf-life of six months – not that it will last six months – trust me. Importantly it’s also registered with the Vegan Society, so you have peace of mind that you are buying a truly vegan product.

The three flavours are chilli (my favourite), garlic (oh I like this one too) and original (oh heck I like this one as well). When the pots arrived I immediately opened them up to examine the contents – bang I was hit with a beautiful aroma from each one. In fact my mouth is watering at the thought of the chilli one, which I had tonight on top of my veggies.

I’m a little (big bit) sad tonight as I finished the chilli sample – oh well it means I need to buy some more. Contained within each of these pots are three key ingredients, each boasting their own health benefits, so combined provide some nutritional benefit: Himalayan pink salt, nutritional yeast (B12) and almonds. It’s like having a little pot of magic in your cupboard – transforming everyday dishes into taste sensations.

FullSizeRenderI’ve sprinkled it on hummus, veggies, spaghetti bolognese and ‘cheese’ scones – they were delightful. My favourite though – was spicing up sweet potato fries. Spray your part boiled sweet potato fries with Fry Light and then sprinkle your favourite Flavour Fusion over the top and bake until crispy. It’s awesome!

The Flavour Fusion range is available to purchase direct from Good Carma via their website as well as a growing number of stockists including selected Waitrose stores. And if you are a member of the Vegan Lifestyle Association you can take advantage of their member offer – see below.

Polite note: This review has been organised by the VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION It has not been paid for and the products were sent free of charge. This is my genuine and unbiased review of the product.

Good Carma Foods are listed with the VLA and you can see their listing here



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