There’s a few dishes from my childhood that fell into the ‘comfort’ food category. One of these is stovies. Stovies is for those not north of the UK border – a Scottish dish based on potatoes and meat. Everyone has their own recipe but it always contains potatoes and onions – and then pretty much any meat or veg – it’s a good ‘left overs’ meal.


Back in the old days it was made using corned beef in our household, in my husband’s family it was made using sausage – links or lorne. So it’s been one of those dishes that I’ve been meaning to recreate but always forgot. That was until I visited a wee cafe – Pots – in my hometown of Falkirk. The cafe, on the Cow Wynd is owned by Nicky Stirling who has slowly been adding more and more vegan options to the menu. One of which is stovies. And that’s what reminded me to make my own version.

I haven’t tasted Nicky’s stovies – I haven’t managed to get beyond the haggis, cheese and chilli toastie she makes. However I did think long and hard about the flavours and method of the old family version and well, I had this for tea tonight and it was, well it was just comfort in a bowl. I’m not a huge fan of potatoes but one in while – this dish will be on my ‘things I must eat to make me feel better.’

Ingredients (serves 1)

  • One baking sized potato peeled and cubed
  • 1/4 brown onion cut into large slices
  • Two Linda McCartney vegan sausages (I used the red onion variety)
  • 1 tsp Vecon (concentrated veg stock) or a vegan friendly stockcube


  1. Add the potato and onion to your stock and boil until starting to soften
  2. Crumble the vegan sausages and add to the potatoes
  3. Continue to boil until the stock is absorbed then serve with a green vegetable of your choice (in our house it was always peas although baked beans are very tasty with this too)

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