Tropic skincare – a feast for the skin

I do love a product review opportunity and I’ve been so busy with work recently I’ve not had the time to take up any offers. However when my friend and Tropic distributor, Frances Hamilton contacted me and asked if I’d do a review I jumped at the chance. The lockdown means I’m working harder as I’m missing getting out and about, going to the gym, being out on the bike or just getting away from life in the campervan. And then I hit 50 at the end of May. All taking its toll on my skin to be honest and I was looking a tad dull.

Fran persuaded me to try this Tropic combo:

  • Smooth cleanser
  • Skin feast concentrated nourishment cream
  • Vitamin toner
  • And this little pot of magic – Rainforest dew – a hydration serum (this is honestly magic in a bottle)

I am very lazy when it comes to my skin, I always start with great intentions and then I fall by the wayside. However I religiously used this combo for a couple of weeks. I could have written a review after a few days, I got a fair few comments from colleagues who were viewing me on a video screen who commented at how well I was looking. But it might have been the fact I was just making an effort that they were commenting on… I wanted to see if this was making a difference so needed to give it a bit longer.

The smell of the product was a little strange to me at first – I wasn’t quite sure I liked it (at least having a sense of smell is a good thing these days given the COVID-19 situation). However I soon accustomed to it and actually it smells fresh and clean if that makes sense.

The hydration serum has to be my favourite – it’s like a glow for the skin. I used the full range for a couple of weeks then stopped. I stopped for a week and quickly there was a difference. I have very dry skin, probably because in my diet I have very little oils (I know you need some for the brain, but my heart says otherwise so it’s always a difficult balance). The week I stopped using the combo my skin felt  dryer and started to dull again.

So yep guess what I’m back using it again and just starting to look at the wider range. If you’d like to explore the range for yourself – head over to Fran’s Facebook Group – she’s got some great content on there including virtual pamper parties – and we all need those right now!

You can also purchase direct from her website:


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