Seitan sausages

Most of the vegan sausages you buy in the shops will contain gluten, which is the basis for your seitan. It’s a funny thing to work with and there’s lots of different techniques from boiling in a flavoured broth to adding direct to the mixture. I have been experimenting for years and created some interesting … More Seitan sausages

Scotchless pie

I’ve been experimenting with vegan hot water pastry for a while and while there’s been success it wasn’t quite what I remember of Scotch pies. Now I’m not going to win any points for presentation but for taste – well I reckon I’ve got it in the bag now. I’m saving one of these bad … More Scotchless pie

Tunaless tuna parcels

My tunaless tuna is inspired by the Happy Herbivore and I’ve seen various versions of it online. I have now adapted this to my personal taste and before I discovered vege soy fish crisp, it was the only alternative taste to the sea I could find. I’d always served it chilled, it’s delightful with watercress or … More Tunaless tuna parcels

Mock salmon parcels

A few months ago I made one of those spur of the moment purchases at a vegan festival in Edinburgh. I found something called Vege Soy Fish Crisp and was told I could make fish cakes with it. But I wasn’t really listening and a few months on, it was still lying in the cupboard … More Mock salmon parcels

Mincemeat pies (GF)

I can now officially start sharing Christmas recipes with you without feeling guilty. Nothing says Christmas more than a delicious mincemeat pie. Of course mincemeat pies are sweet not savoury and certainly don’t contain meat these days. Shop bought mincemeat is full of suet and I always think it’s a bit slimy in texture and … More Mincemeat pies (GF)