Chipolatas (two versions including gluten free)


What’s Christmas dinner without chipolatas. I want to enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner without the cruelty. I’ve already created the alternatives to the fish starter (Mock Salmon Parcels) the rest of the family eat – now it’s the turn of the chipolata. I tasted a few for research purposes of course and they are delicious – but they are filling so one or two on the plate will suffice.

There are two versions – one is gluten free the other is made using seitan.

To make the seitan based chipolatas:

You need to make the seitan sausages and the seitan streaky bacon for these. You’ll get approx. 15-18 sausages, you’ll get loads more bacon, so you can keep some for your Christmas day breakfast – toasted bagel, cream cheese and seitan bacon.

To make the gluten free chipolatas:

gf chipolataYou need to make the sage and thyme sausages and the chickpea bacon. You’ll get approx. 8 sausages from the recipe and again like the seitan bacon – you’ve loads left over so cook according the recipe instructions, or make extra sausages. Chipolatas in a buffet are great at this time of the year.


  • Make the sausages and bacon according to the recipes
  • Then take a slice of bacon and wrap it around the sausage
  • In a bowl mix 1 tbsp. water, 1 tbsp. maple syrup and 1tsp liquid smoke
  • Place the wrapped sausages in a tinfoil pocket
  • Generously brush the mixture over the wrapped sausages, allowing the excess liquid to lie in the bottom of the tinfoil pocket
  • Cover the sausages and seal in the liquid (helps to keep them moist)
  • Heat through thoroughly and serve immediately or allow to cool and enjoy them for a Christmas buffet

If it helps, use a cocktail stick to secure the bacon to the sausage.


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