Chickpea bacon (GF)

My Mum is gluten free and this means finding good vegan substitutes can be hard.┬áVegan diets often rely on gluten based products as a source of protein but also it allows the creation of some truly unique and flavoursome delights. For a while I’ve been promising to crack the code to produce a credible alternative … More Chickpea bacon (GF)


Chipolatas (two versions including gluten free)

What’s Christmas dinner without chipolatas. I want to enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner without the cruelty. I’ve already created the alternatives to the fish starter (Mock Salmon Parcels) the rest of the family eat – now it’s the turn of the chipolata. I tasted a few for research purposes of course and they are delicious … More Chipolatas (two versions including gluten free)

Streaky seitan bacon

If you’ve looked at the seitan sausage recipe, you’ll realise that there’s a lot of the same base ingredients in this recipe. And that’s what I love about using gram flour or gluten as a base or even beans. With just a few tweaks you can create very different recipes. There’s lots of recipes on … More Streaky seitan bacon