It’s more than pancakes

It’s Shrove Tuesday this week and of course that means pancakes. There are very few places that ever make vegan friendly pancakes let alone gluten free and vegan. It’s been two years since I had the coffee house and I made sure there were vegan options available for our lovely customers. It’s so simple to … More It’s more than pancakes


Christmas scones

Let’s face it, the title is just an excuse for me to indulge in my favourite spices – cinnamon and ginger. I could eat these scones all year round, they’re light and fluffy and well just scrumptious. I adapted this recipe from – the original had a lot of coconut in it – from … More Christmas scones

Chocolate chip scones

This afternoon I made some chocolate and banana jam. It’s been a jam afternoon, I cleaned out the freezer yesterday and decided to make some more gooseberry and ginger jam along with turning the last of our raspberry harvest into jam. Now back to chocolate and banana jam. I’ve heard of it before but I’d … More Chocolate chip scones

Treacle scones (GF)

There’s nothing that screams comfort food more than a toasted treacle scone, dripping in treacle. It’s something we normally associate with Halloween here in Scotland and I created these for that purpose, however my Dad started talking about them today so, well, I just had to share this with you. There are two recipes below … More Treacle scones (GF)

Iced gingerbread (GF)

All this Christmas baking has been great fun, but there was one thing I really wanted and that was an iced gingerbread. I’ve looked for inspiration hoping someone else had created a recipe that I could use but to no avail. So while I’m in a creative mood I entered the kitchen tonight determined to … More Iced gingerbread (GF)