Iced gingerbread (GF)

All this Christmas baking has been great fun, but there was one thing I really wanted and that was an iced gingerbread. I’ve looked for inspiration hoping someone else had created a recipe that I could use but to no avail. So while I’m in a creative mood I entered the kitchen tonight determined to … More Iced gingerbread (GF)

Chickpea bacon (GF)

My Mum is gluten free and this means finding good vegan substitutes can be hard. Vegan diets often rely on gluten based products as a source of protein but also it allows the creation of some truly unique and flavoursome delights. For a while I’ve been promising to crack the code to produce a credible alternative … More Chickpea bacon (GF)

Chipolatas (two versions including gluten free)

What’s Christmas dinner without chipolatas. I want to enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner without the cruelty. I’ve already created the alternatives to the fish starter (Mock Salmon Parcels) the rest of the family eat – now it’s the turn of the chipolata. I tasted a few for research purposes of course and they are delicious … More Chipolatas (two versions including gluten free)

Streaky seitan bacon

If you’ve looked at the seitan sausage recipe, you’ll realise that there’s a lot of the same base ingredients in this recipe. And that’s what I love about using gram flour or gluten as a base or even beans. With just a few tweaks you can create very different recipes. There’s lots of recipes on … More Streaky seitan bacon

Seitan sausages

Most of the vegan sausages you buy in the shops will contain gluten, which is the basis for your seitan. It’s a funny thing to work with and there’s lots of different techniques from boiling in a flavoured broth to adding direct to the mixture. I have been experimenting for years and created some interesting … More Seitan sausages

Scotchless pie

I’ve been experimenting with vegan hot water pastry for a while and while there’s been success it wasn’t quite what I remember of Scotch pies. Now I’m not going to win any points for presentation but for taste – well I reckon I’ve got it in the bag now. I’m saving one of these bad … More Scotchless pie

Tunaless tuna parcels

My tunaless tuna is inspired by the Happy Herbivore and I’ve seen various versions of it online. I have now adapted this to my personal taste and before I discovered vege soy fish crisp, it was the only alternative taste to the sea I could find. I’d always served it chilled, it’s delightful with watercress or … More Tunaless tuna parcels

Mock salmon parcels

A few months ago I made one of those spur of the moment purchases at a vegan festival in Edinburgh. I found something called Vege Soy Fish Crisp and was told I could make fish cakes with it. But I wasn’t really listening and a few months on, it was still lying in the cupboard … More Mock salmon parcels