Chickpea bacon (GF)

My Mum is gluten free and this means finding good vegan substitutes can be hard. Vegan diets often rely on gluten based products as a source of protein but also it allows the creation of some truly unique and flavoursome delights. For a while I’ve been promising to crack the code to produce a credible alternative … More Chickpea bacon (GF)

Mincemeat pies (GF)

I can now officially start sharing Christmas recipes with you without feeling guilty. Nothing says Christmas more than a delicious mincemeat pie. Of course mincemeat pies are sweet not savoury and certainly don’t contain meat these days. Shop bought mincemeat is full of suet and I always think it’s a bit slimy in texture and … More Mincemeat pies (GF)

Savoury pancakes (GF)

The chickpea is or should be your best friend as a herbivore. Packed full of protein and low in fat there are literally hundreds of different ways of using them and they’re gluten free too so works for everyone. This recipe uses chickpeas in two similar ways but gives very different results. I’d encourage you to experiment with … More Savoury pancakes (GF)