Evie’s square sausage (GF)

IMG_2463It’s not to everyone’s taste however for those who long for a compassionate square sausage bread roll (or bap depending where you live) with brown sauce – now’s your chance. I’ve been working on this recipe for a while. It took a while however I have finally perfected the recipe to my taste and well, it would be rude not to share it with you. These can be made gluten free (see below) too.

This morning when I came home from the gym I had some on brown toast with brown sauce – hmm yum. Now there are a couple of claims to the name of the meat version – Lorne sausage however let’s not make any such issues for the herbivore version – it shall be known as Evie’s square sausage. Now I’m aware there are some imitations out there – made things like sosmix – however this is all natural and doesn’t take long to make.

Below I’ve documented my recipe – although depending on your personal taste, I’d suggest you taste as you go – adding a little bit more or less until you capture the flavour that works for you. The recipe makes nine healthy slices and these are ovenbaked and then suitable for freezing. You can then defrost and either heat (reheat carefully) in an oven or you can go all out and fry. They are gorgeous with baked beans, tomatoes and that great breakfast classic – the tattie scone!

1 1/2 cups of red lentils (rinsed in cold water)

1 1/2 cups of porage oats (you can use gluten free – I buy them from Tesco)

1 tsp vecon (concentrated vegetable stock, which I buy from Holland & Barrett)

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp garlic powder

2 tbsp tomato puree

1 tsp smoked paprika

1/4 tsp turmeric

1-2 tsp black pepper

dash of worcester sauce (vegan), tamari or a hot sauce (optional)

1-2 tsp egg replacer


1. Place the red lentils in a saucepan and cover with boiling water and add vecon, onion powder, garlic, tomato puree, smoked paprika, turmeric and black pepper

2. Slowly infuse the lentils with the spices by leaving for 15 minutes in the hot water before placing over a low heat. You don’t want to add too much water so you need to stay with this and take your time, slowly adding water to stop the lentils from sticking until they are soft, but not mushy. Add the dash of sauce now if you are going to do it.

Put your oven on at this stage and heat to 180 degrees centigrade

3. Taste your mixture – you want to determine now if you’ve got the right blend of spices for your taste buds, remembering the oats will absorb some of the heat too so you want to have a good strong taste

3. Now slowly add the oats – a little at a time, stirring well each time you add them. What you don’t want is to add them so fast that they clump together – you want to sprinkle the oats then stir. You might need to add a little boiling water if the mixture is too dry

4. Once the oats are absorbed into the mixture add the egg replacer (no need to mix with water). You can of course use flax seeds instead – the mixture will already be quite sticky but this just helps to bind it.

5. Now this is the really important bit – I highly recommend you purchase non stick baking sheets (Lakeland is where I get mine) because this mixture is sticky and a nightmare to flip otherwise

6. Shape the mixture into nine (or more if you want smaller size) squares, carefully shaping and patting down so it’s not too thick

7. Place in the oven for 10 minutes, taking out turning them and putting them in for a futher 10 minutes. Then turn your oven down to 150 degrees centigrade and bake for a further 10-15 minutes until firm. Now you can eat straight away or you leave to cool and then freeze.


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